Pregnancy is another transformation season, that changes a woman inside out. Many women experience skin breakouts, stretch marks and a darker skin tone when having their baby and I just wonder if the baby is stealing the beauty of the mother at that moment. However, skin care experts have provided solutions to having a better skin even when motherhood is at its budding stage. 


Today, we join the voices of other skin care experts as we say that “Pregnancy should not be a barrier to skin care”. These are the ways to cater for your skin as a pregnant woman:

  1. Wash your face at least twice a day and drink lots of water: Water is the best treatment for our skin; yes, water is that important. To glow as a pregnant woman, water has to be your best friend. Wash your face at least twice a day and in case you want to go an extra mile, you can get a facial cleanser. However, it is important you see a dermatologist before getting a cleanser so that you don’t attract more skin problems than you already have. Also remember to drink lots of water; it helps to make your skin glow.
  2. Wear your sunscreens everytime you have to step inside the sun: As a pregnant woman, avoid sunburns as much as possible by using a prescribed sunscreen for your skin. Be sun-protected so that your glow can be retained. 
  3. Exfoliate regularly: With the change in hormones during pregnancy, there might be some dead skin cells that might be preventing your glow. With the right exfoliant made with the products meant for your skin, you can get rid of all dead skin cells and then your glowing game will begin. You can also try natural products such as honey, brown sugar and lemon oil as an exfoliant. 


However, it is best to see a dermatologist in order to prescribe the skin care products for your skin.

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