Infected or not, it is undeniable that the psychological/mental health of the world en-masse has been shaken.

Much more dangerous than the disease is the mentality it is fostering within the country, emotions range from apathy to outright panic and those who have found themselves infected live in abject fear.

Even if the lockdown is the only thing to affect a person, such a drastic change in routine is sure to affect the psyche.

The need for positivity cannot be over stressed, so is the need to take to heart all the measures given by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.

Also, discussing how you feel with trusted people around and about you can help allay fear, ease boredom and improve camaraderie.

  1. Before you lose yourself to panic make sure that the information received is from a credible source and finally, in the case of infection the person(s) affected should remember to follow their drug regimen religiously, maintain a can-do spirit and most of all pray for quick recovery.

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