Neymar Denies Rape Allegations By Unidentified Woman

The Paris Saint-Germain forward; Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior has denied the rape allegations levelled against him by an unidentified woman who claimed the player forcefully had sex with her under the influence of alcohol. According to a Sao Paulo police report, an unidentified woman alleged that the 27-year-old Brazil forward had drunkenly assaulted her last month at an upmarket hotel in the French capital, where he plays for the Paris Saint-Germain Club.

A few hours after details of the case against him were made public, Neymar posted a video on his Instagram and Facebook pages in which he denied he’d done anything improper and accused the woman of trying to extort him. He also posted a series of messages — which included a number of intimate photos of the woman — that he had exchanged with the accuser. In the video, he said; “I’m accused of rape. It is a ‘heavy’ word, it is something very strong, but that’s what’s happening now. I was caught by surprise, it was very bad and very sad to listen to that, because anyone who knows me, knows of my behaviour, knows that I would never do something like that. “What happened that day was a relationship between a man and a woman, inside four walls, something that happens with any couple.”

The lady would undergo a medical test to determine her mental stability while investigations are being carried out.

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