West Hollywood City Council Unanimously Votes To Remove Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame

In an unanimous vote on Monday, councillors advised getting rid of the brass and terrazzo star, embedded in the landmark stretch of a tourist-thronged Los Angeles sidewalk.

The vote is largely symbolic: the council has no jurisdiction over the Walk of Fame in neighbouring Hollywood, and voted only to urge the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which runs the attraction, to remove it.

The Walk of Fame star has become an abode for various anti-Trump protests since the maverick Republican announced his presidential run in 2015, and has been destroyed twice by men with heavy tools, only to be swiftly repaired.

In passing its resolution, which was announced by West Hollywood Mayor John Duran, the council said the man honoured by the star does not reflect the values of West Hollywood, one of the country’s most liberal corners. The resolution cited allegations by several women who claimed to have been sexually harassed by Trump sexually, which he has denied. It also points out his policy, recently scrapped, of splitting up asylum-seeking migrant families at the U.S. border with Mexico.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has never removed a star from the Walk of Fame – which honours celebrities from the entertainment industry – and has flatly rebuffed calls to strip the honour from any of the recent spate of powerful men accused of sexual misconduct.

According to NBC News, Leron Gubler, president of the chamber said: “as of now, there are no plans to remove any stars from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The council’s request would be considered at the chamber’s next meeting.”

Recently two men with pickaxes tried and failed to remove U.S. President Donald Trump’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Trump’s star was added in 2007 in recognition of his television work prior to his entry into politics, including his hosting of the NBC show “The Apprentice” and his producing of the Miss Universe beauty pageants.

Nominations for celebrities to be added to the Walk of Fame is considered by a committee and nominee’s sponsor are charged $40,000 for the honour.

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