If you felt the earth quaking and shaking around you on the night of Friday, July 27th, 2018, then this is to confirm that you were not dreaming. You were only feeling the vibes from the verses of the ‘illest’ MCs making waves at the tightly-packed venue of Club Vegas, Ikeja, Lagos, during the ORGANISED RHYME edition of the ‘Grab The Iron Mic’ (GTIM) show.

GTIM is the largest assemblage of the hip-hop heads, music entrepreneurs and brands with the best of MCs and the fans who love to hear good rap songs live on stage, with a lot of freebies proudly powered by Aforevo TV.

The Iron MIC gives only real MCs who come in contact with it, inspiration, vocal dexterity and power! As CDQ’s performance simply underscored the fact he is a true son of the soil as he performed his hit songs including say baba.

Oga boss himself, Illbliss, couldn’t resist but to Grab the Iron MIC as he dropped bars after bars, the super excited thundering audience kept singing along , he was joined onstage by Aforevo Records finest, Nyelu, as they performed  the hottest collabo for 2018 “Wosop” with the video directed by Clarence peters making waves across Nigeria.

Mtrill MC cum model was lyrically amazing and Uzi aka Uzikwendu who is unarguably the fastest rapper in Africa kept the fans asking for more with his eccentric performance live on stage, Chocolate City’s new signee Cameey came with the Juice, Xbusta proved that he was the king of freestyles as T-Rex,  Punchline, Tentik, Generic, Jdee, Hush and many more set the stage ablaze. Street Billionaires were  enigmatic that night as they performed their hit songs Owo mi da and Apachapre! Other notable MCs that came to support the movement included SoSSick  and Alpha.

Everyone bopped their heads to sounds by the great mix master – DJ Chicken; they were even wowed by the performance of the full orchestra comprising 15 violinists, a vocalist, and other instrumentalists.

The Host, Johnny Ray (aka Blacker Than), was the real Don. In his three-piece mid-20th century suit with a walk stick and a fedora hat, you can bet he had to be a true rap-star himself to be the custodian of the Iron Mic.

The fans were not left out as the organizers ensured the show was truly democratic: the show of the people, for the people and by the people, by providing free Wi-Fi for them to take pictures with their favorite rappers and sharing their joy with friends and family home and abroad.

Aforevo TV is a subsidiary of the Murphy Ben International consortium, including Aforevo YouTube, Africa’s number one YouTube Partner; Aforevo Dubbing Studios, a multilingual dubbing studio with offices in 10 African countries; Aforevo Records , a music label & artistes management coy ; Aforevo Productions, a films and documentary production arm of the group.

Wait; are you feeling bad that you missed out on all the fun? Don’t worry, GRAB THE IRON MIC show goes down every last Fridays of every month and at different choice locations. The next one just might be close to you. Look out!

Are you a talented MC, Participation is FREE. Contact 08038614146. Join the trend: #grabtheironmic  #aforevotv @aforevo.tv 

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