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How AFP Photographer inadvertently became part of Croatia’s goal celebration

When Croatia scored the winning goal that took them to the first major final in the history of the country, then players, in jubilant mood swarmed the pitchside and formed a heap of bodies, with a photographer caught in the medley.

After Manzukic scored the goal that knocked England out, he ran to a corner of the pitch and was swarmed by his teammates. In the middle of the celebrations was photographer Yuri Cortez who was positioned by the advertising board and was caught in the celebrations.

He described the whole event thus: “I was just changing my lens as the players ran towards me,” said photographer Yuri Cortez, who was positioned next to the pitchside advertising boards.

“They just kept coming towards me and they fell on me! It was a crazy moment, they were delighted. Then they suddenly realised that I was underneath them,” said Mexico City-based Cortez.

“Then they asked me if I was OK. Another one picked up my lens and another player (Domagoj Vida) gave me a kiss.”

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