Paul Okoye Celebrates His Twins’ first birthday with lovely photos

Paul Okoye of Psquare and his wife, Anita Isama are celebrating their twins Nathan and Nadia’s birthday today, July 8th. They both took to social media to announce their joy.

Paul shared a photo of them on Instagram with the caption:

“Nathan: yo!… We are one today?. Nadia: ahh!.. ..Already!!! ? Happy first birthday to #nadia and #Nathan #doubledouble ??????????????? cc @nadiaandnathanokoye @anita_okoye”

Anita wrote;

“M[i]y darling Nathan and Nadia!!
The answer to my prayers!
Happy 1st Birthday My Sweethearts! I am so happy and blessed you’re in our lives…. it’s been nothing but love, fun and laughter all year round. The past year has been one of the best years of my life,
You two have shown me what faith and hope looks like!
You have made me absolutely complete and Andre is the happiest big brother Ever!!! Your excitement when he returns from school is priceless. He loves you two so much and I’m so blessed to actually experience the love you have for yourselves.
You are definitely God-sent!!! Who would have thought that my little babies who came a month early would exceed all expectations… God is Awesome!!!
Happy birthday my beautiful babies… I am so blessed to be your mama, you are my calm after the storm, may the lord bless and protect you now and always. #HappyBirthday #Twins #BirthdayBoy #BirthdayGirl #NathanandNadiaOkoye #Mybabies #Happy #Blessed #love #siblings @nadiaandnathanokoye”

Congratulations to the Okoyes.

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