France’s Most wanted escapes Prison, again – using an Helicopter

A notorious thief, Redoine Faid, who was France’s most wanted-criminal has escaped Prison, officials have said.

He pulled off the daring move by in the prison in Reau, Paris using an helicopter.

His accomplices kidnapped and forced a pilot to land in the prison yard while some gun-men occupied the security personnel at the gate.

Faid was serving 25 years in prison for his role in a failed 2010 robbery that resulted in the death of French police officer Aurélie Fouquet.

The is the second time Faid would escape prison after blasting his way out using dynamite in 2013. He was captured 6 weeks later.

He was given ten more years after the attempt.

Security official have found the helicopter abandoned and the pilot freed. It is believed they left the helicopter and left in a stolen vehicle.

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