Popular Nigerian Billionaire and oil mogul, Femi Otedola, recently took a ride in a Molue. He shared this on his Instagram page hours ago, saying he took a bus from Sango to Agege.

Molue is known for the unusual ways operators jam-pack passengers, with less people sitting and more people standing, packed like sardines.

In the early hours of the day when Lagosians are rushing to their various places of work and also in the evening when people are returning home, the Molue is known to ‘overflow,’ with passengers sometimes hanging on the ‘tailboards,’ sometimes for the suicidal fun of it, and, more often, to avoid paying the fare.

Otedola did not tell his IG followers the reason for his unusual decision to take a ride in Lagos Molue, he only shared the video of his ride with his followers on Wednesday.

The video, generated 92,064 views within two hours.

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