Social Media Trends | 30 Trends To Look Out For In 2018

social media

Are you wondering how social media will change this year? Then, this is what you need to know. We did our research on some new updates that will take place on social media in 2018. Find out how marketing will change the narrative on social media in 2018.


The social platforms are constantly changing, and that means marketers need to change as well. Here are 30 new trends that you should look out for in 2018.


  1. Facebook will roll out new features for video creators that’ll make it far easier to get exposure and be discovered. This could include preferential Facebook news feed exposure for original native video, generous revenue-sharing deals, and the eventual rollout of a dedicated video app. We also might see Facebook negotiate traditional television deals or even start its own cable television network.

    If you’re a video creator, watch this space closely!

  2. A rise in advertising cost.
  3.  VR developing on social.
  4. eCommerce adopting messenger e.g chatbox e.t.c
  5. Improvement in tracking and measurements.





  1. Full blown bot crackdown
  2. Image recognition will trigger advertising
  3.  Customer service on the rise.
  4.  Increase focus on video.
  5.  Refining the 280 character tweets.


  1. More shopping tags for everyone.
  2. Image recognition and visual search options.
  3. Stories will continue to improve.
  4. 360 Instagram
  5. Insta maps


  1. AR advertising options
  2. Improved search options
  3. Development of animated bitmojis
  4. Focus on discovering exclusive video content
  5. Spectacles version 2.0


  1. Improved buyable pins
  2. Updated ‘taste graph’ for marketing insights
  3. Evolution of ‘lens’ tool.
  4. New profile customization options.

social media


  1. Improved data options
  2. Further integration with Microsoft apps
  3. Focus on video
  4. improved alogrithm for feed relevancy
  5. Advanced career tools.


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