Here’s The Best Way To Watch EPL This Super Sunday

For football fans in Abuja, this Sunday the 5th of November is a shining Sunday and if you’ve been following the English Premier League, you’ll know that four strong teams will be going against each other in two powerful games.

Arsenal against Manchester City at 3.15pm and Chelsea against Manchester United at 5.30pm.

Here are fun tips to have a great viewing experience of the two matches this Sunday!

  • Call family and friends and head towards the Dreams Active Recreation Park in Wuse II to watch the match at the Star Fan Park



You can fly your club colours…


  • Make new friends with great football conversations and over bottle of bottles of Star Lager Beer.

Online media 3.jpg DSC_2370.jpg


  • Celebrate your favorite club’s goal like you have always wanted, experience football bants…

SFL_Jos-7.jpg SFL_Jos-8.jpg

  • Pre-match fun, with games and win fabulous prizes (show games and winnings)

DSC_2173.jpg DSC_2104.jpg

SFL_Jos-156.jpg SFL_Jos-145.jpg

  • Come have fun with Music and dance like you always wanted.


  • If you’re in Abuja, come watch the games at the Star Fan Park in the Dreams Active Recreation Park in Wuse II, Abuja. Pre-game activities start at 12noon. Come engage in lots of exciting games and pre-game banters.


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