School faces criticism for Photo appearing to Show a Black Girl on Leashes

A school in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, is facing criticism after a photo surfaced appearing to have a black girl on leashes held by 2 white pupils.

Some parents reportedly hurried to pick their wards from school, saying the photo looked like the enslavement of a person.

But according to CBSMitchell Elementary School, the school the photo was taken, said it has been taken out of context.

A parent who spoke to the press said: “If you look at that picture out of context, what are you going to think. It’s clearly what it looks like, it’s disgusting.”

The straps around the black girl are said to be “lead strings,” a device used in the 17th century to keep children from wandering, or to help them learn to walk.

The event was an enrichment program to learn about the pilgrims, and the girl had volunteered.

In a statement issued by the Superintendent Derek Swenson, he said:

“It was never the intent of the lesson to demean or degrade any one person or group.

The Bridgewater-Raynham Regional School District sincerely apologizes to the students, staff and community at large for this unfortunate incident.”

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