How I got Free from Unsafe Abortion

“21-year old girl found dead after attempted abortion”! This headline on my favorite blog got me frowning, what a sad news on a Monday morning. The news got even worse when I opened the blog to find out that the dead girl in question was my course mate- Sade. OMG! Abortion? For whom? Sade wasn’t known to be in any relationship with any guy on campus.

The news soon spread around school, Sade is dead! Some of our course mates didn’t show any sign of grief while her close friends Bisi and Linda were crying profusely. I couldn’t help but join them. Sade wasn’t exactly my friend, but I knew her. She was one of the best in class. Oh! What a way to die.

As thoughts of Sade’s death run through my mind, I realized that I wasn’t protected from this kind of death. Bayo and I had sex every other day, and sometimes he got too impatient to wear his Fiesta condom. God forbid this kind of death! I needed to find a permanent way to prevent pregnancy.  Abstaining from sex was out of the equation because that almost meant giving up my 3year relationship with Bayo. We got engaged 2 months earlier and were looking to get married the next year.  I loved him soo much that I couldn’t accommodate the thought of losing him. I needed to find a contraceptive solution ASAP. Who would I ask? Most of my friends were like me and only know about the emergency contraceptive POSTPILL.

As days passed, and Sade’s obituary was posted everywhere in school, I couldn’t get my mind off the need for a regular contraception method. I usually visited Bayo during weekends; but that weekend, I gave him an excuse of feeling sick and unable to move around. That was a big lie, I just needed to be settled with contraception first.  My very close friend Toke visited me on Sunday, and we got talking about Sade’s death then I eventually asked her if she knew any regular contraceptive method, She responded “Google it” and laughed. That’s her usual way of responding to questions when she doesn’t know the answer but this time, She actually helped me get my answer. I searched online for contraception methods as I bumped on . The website has detailed information on different methods of pregnancy prevention and child spacing. I read through the pages as I found my answer- Sayana Press.

Sayana Press is a pre-filled, easy to use, small-needle contraceptive injection that is given every 3 months to prevent pregnancy.  This means, No pregnancy worries for 3 months plus you get reminded for the next dose two weeks before the previous dose expires”. Everything about Sayana Press sounded convenient for me, I found my answer, I was excited as I exclaimed “Sayana”  and got the attention of Toke who was busy searching for a movie to watch. Toke snatched my phone and read through the page. Sayana Press, she exclaimed; let’s find out where we can get it.

“You can get Sayana Press in hospitals/clinics, pharmacies and health centers around you”. For more information on Sayana Press and other contraception methods, follow HoneyandBanana on social media.

Toke and I quickly found HoneyandBanana on our Facebook and followed them. We enquired and were referred to a hospital where we could get Sayana Press administered. The nurse was friendly and the injection was almost painless. It was administered on my thigh so It felt like a mosquito bite. As soon as Sayana Press was administered, I felt free. Free from Pregnancy, and free from abortion related death.  Sayana Press gives Freedom!

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