Woman wearing mini skirt gets detained in Saudi Arabia after posting Snapchat video

The Saudi Arabia have detained a woman who was featured in a Snapchat video that went viral because she was wearing a mini skirt and a crop-top as she strolled through a Saudi city.

The incidence which has quickly raised a lot of controversies on social media has led both to people coming to her defence and people wanting her to be put on trial.

According to CNN, the woman’s midriff top and mini skirt attire were in violation of the country’s strict dress code for women. In Saudi Arabia, women are required to wear an abaya, which is loose-fitting clothing and cover their hair.

Some people on Twitter called the woman brave and accused Saudi Arabia of hypocrisy for celebrating the beauty of foreign women while belittling that of its own citizens.

In this tweet posted by Presidency of the Commissions for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (@PvGovSa) stated that the agency was looking into the video and would take necessary steps to address the situation.

Watch the video below;

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