Ernest Asuzu claims Nollywood led to his stroke

Popular Nollywood actor, Ernest Asuzu has made an incredible come-back after suffering from stroke a few years back. He added that the movie Industry is evil and it led to his sickness.

He claimed that while he was in the movie industry he lived a loud and large life but he left due to his ailment and now he is back as a new person and is willing to make a difference in the movie industry by planting himself as a good christian.Ernest said he wants to create a new Nollywood; one that would have God’s presence.

The actor also revealed that the stroke was not a natural thing as a man got jealous of his rising profile and inflicted him with it.  He also showed his displeasure at the movie industry by frowning at the way things are being done in the industry. He claimed the practitioners are dependent on charms and are mean with the way they treat people. He urged his colleagues in the industry to give up on their evil acts while calling them to get closer to God.

He considers himself to be a living testimony as he said he did not feel like a stroke patient even while he was inflicted with it. His plan is to bring God back to the movie industry.

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