God is on social media -Nathaniel Bassey’s olowogbogboro 1 hour #hallelujahchallenge

Nathaniel Bassey, the artist known for his famous track ‘Oniseiyanu’ has been bringing people together around 12am every night and it would go on for 30 days. It has gone on for 12 days with 18 days to go.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the impact of social media, who would have thought social media would evolve to a channel where many people would be drawn to God through praises. Who would have thought praises would go on live on Instagram.

While most people do not know the impact of  social media let’s give you the statistics of Nathaniel Bassey’s olowogbogboro 1 hour hallelujah challenge.

nathaniel bassey

Tune into Nathaniel Bassey’s channel and if you do not know the impact of social media yet or fail to acknowledge the impact join Nathaniel Bassey’s on Instagram live around 12am that is after following him of course.

His Instagram handle is @Nathanielblow


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