British-Nigerian wins big at the Uk general election

On Thursday, British-born Nigerian Chinyelu Susan “Chi” Onwurah won the Newcastle Central seat at the UK general elections.

Chi won 24,071 votes, comfortably beating the Tory candidate Steve Kyte who had 9,134 votes. Nick Cott, the Liberal Democrat candidate, secured 1,812 votes and David Muat, the Ukip candidate, won 1,482 votes. The Green candidate Peter Thomson won 595 votes.

Which makes her become the first black woman to represent Newcastle.

Chi Onwurah, whose father is Nigerian, was born in Newscastle on the 12th of April, 1965.

Her parents had returned to Awka, Nigeria, when she was still a baby, but her mother moved back to Newcastle with her when she was two because of the Biafra war.

Her father stayed back to join the Biafran Army.



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