10 Fascinating Facts You Never Knew About Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is one person that can be described as “private public figure.” She has been on the throne for 65 but rarely speaks about herself and never speak to the media. Here are 10 fascinating things you never know about the monarch.


  1. Queen Elizabeth celebrates her birthday twice a year. The queen’s real birthday is April 21th, but the country doesn’t officially celebrate until June 11. June was picked because the weather won’t be as cold as April and likely better for a parade.
  2. Technically, Elizabeth and her husband Philip are third cousins.
  3. She never went to school. But that doesn’t mean she is not educated. Queen Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margret were home schooled.
  4. The queen of England is the longest reigning monarch in the world. She has reigned for so long, four out of five UK presidents weren’t alive when she ascended the throne. She has outlast 14 British prime minister and 13 US presidents
  5. She voluntarily pays tax even when she isn’t suppose to, and has been doing so since 1993.
  6. Queen Elizabeth allegedly drink a glass of champagne before retiring to bed. Really?
  7. She’s been wearing the same nail polish “Essie’s classic pale pink polish” since 1989 and amazingly, it retails for just $9.
  8. She doesn’t have a passport or driver’s license and hey, she doesn’t need them.
  9. The monarch can’t be persecuted or coerced to give evidence in courts.
  10.  She has a private poet she pays with alcohol.


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