To celebrate Olamide’s birthday, here is a list of his top five songs


Olamide has won several awards, he is one of the most celebrated Indigenous artiste in Africa. To celebrate his birthday which is today, we compiled a list of his 5 favourite songs.


List of Olamide’s top songs with videos below:

Melo Melo: He showed us he could sing in this love song. The crowd loved the song as they embraced it immediately it was released.

Eni Duro: Olamide, first released this song in 2011, and what got this track popular was his use of indigenous language to rap. His change of clothes in the music video also got people talking. He had about 12 change of outfits.

Durosoke: Is a song that gained lots of airplay, a club banger that was played across Africa.

Shakiti Bobo: For a lot of Nigerians, Shakiti bobo was an anthem sang in 2015, because the artiste had a spectacular dance step for the song.

Eleda Mi: Was sang by everyone. It gained more waves because the song was more like a prayer to God



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