Remy Ma’s ‘ShETHER’ To Be Removed From The Internet On Copyright Ground

remy ma


After receiving a lot of praise for her ‘ShETHER’ track, her first attack on Nicki, Remy is now facing the hit song being removed from the internet and radio.

‘ShETHER’ borrowed the beat from Nas’ classic diss track ‘Ether,’ recorded for Stillmatic during his beef with Jay Z.

Although TMZ reports that Nas is fine with Remy’s use of the beat, Universal – the label that owns the song – hasn’t been as forgiving.

The track has been removed from Soundcloud, and while it’s still available on iTunes, we can expect that to change sometime soon.

The track has also been removed from YouTube, though bootleggers have acted quickly to re-upload it right away.

And on top of all that, the track can’t be played on radio, nor can Remy perform it live.

One can only expect; if Remy is planning a response to ‘No Frauds,’ she’s probably going to use her own beat next time.

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