The Different Kind Of Kisses

There are different kind of kisses and how you kiss your lover can communicate something different about what or how you are feeling, whether it is during sex or during a date.


This is a guide to learn how to kiss like you mean it.


Seems innocent right? But this quick lip on lip contact sends a message; “I want to kiss you and hopefully soon but we are not there yet.”

A long peck

This is a lingering, closed mouth kiss on the lips. Quite sensual, yet still somewhat chaste and restrained.


These are playful and cute, they say; “I really like you, but i don’t want to get myself all horny right now.” These convey a lot of affection without allowing things to get too hot and heavy.

French Kiss

This is the king of kisses and involves open mouths and tongue interaction. This kiss really gets the hormones racing and says, “I would like to sleep with you.”



This one is featured in many classic films. It occurs when the leading man finally pins down his love interest and plants one kiss on her. It is often accompanied by a wrist grab so that you don’t push him away.

Against The Wall

This kiss says “I want you so bad.” It is a spontaneous kind of kiss and in a semi-public setting like a public bathroom, you always wish there was a bed nearby that you could collapse into, because it is hot

Bend Back

This is quite romantic; he leans into you and bends you backward, often with one hand holding the small of your back, and the other placed gently against the side of your face. This would definitely make you swoon. This is generally for people who are absolutely crazy about each other.

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