Differences Between Fifty Shades Darker ‘the Movie vs. the Book’

Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker is quite cool and i think everyone should see it. But some fans may leave the theater wondering the whereabouts of certain characters, plot lines, and sex scenes. It’s nearly impossible to spot every single difference so here are the major ones you should care about.

  •  José lives in Seattle and not Portland. This is convenient for José in the movie to join Ana and friends for drinks at Lori’s and not have to worry about the three hour drive. This is also convenient for Christian’s jealousy to not go overboard, since movie José doesn’t have to stay over at the penthouse after delivering Ana’s photos.


  •  Elena’s presence at the hair salon is not explained. In the book she’s only at that location of Esclava because a technician called in sick. Nope, Kim Basinger is just there with her pearls, ready to give the death stare to anyone who comes into contact with her former sub.

Fifty Shades Darker


  •  The sexy work e-mails don’t exist. Showing text messages on screen is already kind of tacky, so I’m actually glad this was left out. Also, Ana has an iPhone and not a Blackberry! Christian, on the other hand, has some non-iPhone thing that could be a Blackberry or some other Android. I don’t really care, but it sort of bothers me that his texts appear as green and not blue on Ana’s pretty rose gold iPhone.


  •  Christian doesn’t show Ana the “big house” on the Sound. He doesn’t get to surprise her on a drive to the mansion he plans to demolish and rebuild for their future. This also means Olga Kelly the realtor has also been eliminated from the film. Guess we’ll have to wait until Freed to see the house.


  •  There isn’t a first dance auction at the masquerade ball. This could have been a fun bit to see the other party guests, including fighter pilot and Olympic gymnast Jada, who also speaks Japanese.


  •  At the masquerade ball, Elena tells Ana she’s not right for Christian. In the book, Mrs. Robinson tells Ana not to hurt him again and references his sadness during the weekend they were apart. This is not mentioned in the film

Fifty Shades Darker


  •  Christian doesn’t give Ana an iPad with sappy love songs. It’s just a Macbook Pro and a rose gold iPhone, which I guess are nice, too

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