RMD writes lovely message to his daughter as she turns 30 today


 Veteran Nollywood actor and Nigeria’s sexy grandpa, RMD’s daughter turned 30 today. He posted her picture and wrote sweet words to her on his Instagram and gives her subtle hints about bringing a man.


“Happy Birthday daughter dearest, @msyembra it’s been too long ago I was 30 and right now have no clues about being 30 but I am proud of the woman you have become and I am very thankful that you have it all together and can handle anything life throws your way. You already know how much I love you and how I’ll do anything to ensure you’re alright but like the typical Urhobo man that your daddy is, I can’t wait to meet that special someone, shake hands, size him up and see if he deserves my baby girl but hey, no pressure…(subtle pressure). God bless and keep you today and always my Onome, keep shining and soaring baby girl.”

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