Big Brother naija update – Bisola, Bassey, Coco ice, Debie Rise and Gifty are up for eviction this week

Welcome to the third week of Big brother naija. Remember Efe is the new head of house this week. Read HERE in case you missed it.


The nominations for the week;


  1. Bally nominated Thin Tall Tony and Bisola
  2. Debie rise nominated Marvis and Bisola. This is her first nomination since she got into the house. They really want to break the clique.
  3. Kemen nominated Bisola and Thin Tall Tony.
  4. Coco ice nominated Thin Tall Tony and Bassey. Thin tall tony is now a threat in the house.
  5. Tboss nominated Marvis and Bassey.
  6. Bassey nominated Coco ice and Kemen.
  7. Uriel nominated Coco ice and Kemen. Uriel is a snitch here and every time she is int he diary she tells Big brother to save her. She switches from Oyinbo to ‘Big brother, please epp me na’. We all knew she was being cunning by talking to Coco ice yesterday in the garden and she nominated her for possible eviction today. Snitch!!!
  8. Gifty nominated Baseey and Coco ice. Meanwhile, when Coco ice was the Head of house in week two, she swapped Gifty for Efe. You see this life ehn! Do not trust anyone. Gifty should be grateful to Coco ice for saving her when she had the powers so putting her for eviction is what we don’t get.
  9. Efe nominated Tboss and Coco ice. PAYBACK TIME  – This one is called revenge served in a golden plate cos Coco ice put Efe up for eviction in week two. This is a crazy one and with the help of his clique (Bisola, Marvis, TTT) they managed to put Coco ice in her place this week. As we all know, nobody likes that girl in the house.
  10. Thin Tall Tony nominated Debie Rise and Gifty.
  11. Marvis nominated Coco ice and Debie Rise.
  12. Bisola nominated Coco ice and Debie Rise. At this point, this nomination was planned between the clique members. This means that if you are against them, they will get you out of the house immediately. Debie rise was never in Bisola’s good books so we understand that. You see Coco cie matter, na everybody inside that house wey no like am so we saw this coming.


Those who were up for eviction  with the highest count – TTT, BISOLA, COCO ICE, BASSEY AND DEBBY RISE.


Big brother called Efe up to save one house mate. He saved Thin tall tony and he put Gifty up for eviction.

The housemates up for eviction this week are;

  1. Bisola
  2. Coco ice
  3. Debie Rise
  4. Bassey
  5. Gifty


Let’s see how this goes this week and let us know who you will save this week.



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