Yomi Black takes the “Sunday and Lolade” skits to Cinemas…

yomi black and kiki

Comedy is a subjective art with no rules being applied, in a world as hectic and stressful as ours, it is imperative that we try to relax by adding this indispensable spice to our life.

The drama series “Sunday and Lolade” is a 40 minutes hilarious comedy series that captures moments on day-to-day situations in life both expected and unexpected. The comedy which is produced by Black studios and Arista Entertainment features Yomi Black and Kiki Omeili as the characters Sunday and Lolade, a middle aged couple both hardworking professionals residing in the mega city Lagos. 

yomi black and kiki


The dramatic play which is a professional entertainment consisting of jokes and sketches, intended to make an audience laugh hilariously stars Sunday a good hearted man who tries unsuccessfully to satisfy his wife. His love for his wife keeps him trying despite his mistakes which often arise from never saying or doing the right thing.

Lolade is a passionate woman, who fell in love with Sunday and married him despite his several mistakes, is kept on toes trying to make Sunday a better husband and tries to balance her family relationship with her hectic work life.

The series which revolves around love, family, laughter amongst others is a must watch not because our characters are the King and Queen of comedy but because our lives are desperately in need of this Spice.

The event which is scheduled to show at the cinemas on February 10th has a flat fee of #500.


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