Maryam Elisha Celebrates Her Birthday With Charity

Nigeria’s Leading Female Wear Designer and Socialite, Maryam Elisha recently clocked a year older. In celebrations of this new age she decided to give back to the community and support in great measures through gifts and much more.

She attained a notable height after winning a beauty pageant some years back and as grown wisely using the positions she has gained rightly, excelling above her contemporaries.

Maryam Elisha Charity

Her fashion brand has also enjoyed wide acceptance and patronage making her the most preferred choice of women home and abroad.

She topped the day with the presentation of a five million to her foundation which has been set aside to support and facilitate the activities taking place under her foundation.

To mark her birthday more formally, she visited the Destitute centre in yaba and dished out so much more to celebrate with them. The kids were overjoyed and appreciated her kind gesture displayed to them.

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