Obanikoro Blasts Sahara Reporters Over Report That He Is ‘Hiding’ From Investigations

Former Minister of state for defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro has lashed out at online news medium, Sahara Reporters over its recent report that he is hiding outside the country to escape being investigated in the ongoing $2.1 billion arms deal under the past administration.
In a statement released on his social media handles this morning titled ‘Re: Ex-Minister Obanikoro now hiding from Nigerian Investigators Abroad… Sahara Reporters’, Obanikoro said; Ordinarily, I wouldn’t dignify SaharaReporters with a response to the baseless and shameful journalism it practices, but there is a limit even to new media madness.


Dragging my children into your deliberate campaign and onslaught against my person, however will not be ignored and I demand you cease and refrain from this practice and limit your scope to me only.

For the record, I have been in public service since 1992, and I have never owned or currently own a home anywhere in the world outside Nigeria, however I am proud of my son and his family who are private citizens for their accomplishment as they have the right to do so.

I still have a case against @SaharaReporters and its owner filed at their “Hide Out” in the State of New York, and this will certainly add to the body of evidence against this hack-journalism platform.

Perhaps this is in retaliation to the suit, but be rest assured, I won’t be deterred and will pursue this to a logical conclusion.

While I remain open to answering any question on my conduct as a public servant in any administration at state and federal levels in Nigeria, I urge responsible practitioners of Journalism to refrain from helping hack journalists bring their profession into disrepute with baseless rumours and the blind crusade of an already biased and bought media platform.

My aspirations now therefore are to seek further education as I am doing in pursuit of a degree in History at the Oglethorpe University based in Georgia USA and to Mentor the next generation of leaders in Nigeria. 

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