R. Kelly Walks Out of Interview When Quizzed about Sexual Abuse Allegations

The self-acclaimed King of R’n’ B R. Kelly recently released his 13th album  studio album – Buffet and was invited for a chat with Huffington Post Live on Monday December 21st to promote the album.

The interview took a downward spiral some minutes later when the host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani asked about his thoughts on the support of R. Kelly the artiste vs. R. Kelly the person, as well as his past sexual allegations.

The 48-year old singer and songwriter responded saying;

“I didn’t come here for negative. I came here for positive. I don’t give people that’s negative towards me the time of day … When you start getting negativity coming at you, you pretty much don’t wanna hear that crap. Especially if it was, what, I don’t know how many years ago.

So what I’m gonna tell you is that I am going to sit here and talk gonna talk to you like the beautiful lady you are and I’m gonna talk to you with respect but I’m gonna let you know that any other negative things come at me out of your mouth, as far as negativity, I’m gonna get up and walk out and I’m gonna go to McDonald’s. Hopefully, the McRib is out and I’m going to go home to Chicago, play me some basketball, go to the studio and work on my next album,” he said.

Apparently his past = Negative

Watch the interview here:


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