How RRS deployed drones to recover stolen SUV

On Sunday, the Lagos state Rapid Response Squad of the Nigerian Police Force deployed drones to recover an SUV vehicle belonging to an editor with the Ovation Magazine

According to a statement by the police

On Sunday night, the car of Mr. Michael Effiong, an Editor of the Ovation Magazine, with special number plate “Ovation 3”, was snatched at gunpoint in Maryland.

Immediately, he reported to the RRS Commander, who in turn, sent radio signal to all Divisional Police Stations across Lagos state to track down the vehicle. For Mr. Effiong, the car has gone forever. But for the RRS Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP Olatunji Disu, it was a task that must be accomplished.

Immediately, the Commander deployed the RRS drones and the use of GPS tracker. Eventually, the stolen vehicle was discovered where it was parked around an hotel. He led the operation to the scene of the stolen vehicle with the help of the contemporary information technology deployed to track down the jeep. The jeep was recovered beside a popular hotel, Kalesco Garden Hotel, Badagry. The joy of Mr. Effiong knows no bound when he was handed over his vehicle that was stolen back to him. He praised the Lagos State Police for their doggedness in recovering the vehicle.

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