Boy asks Judge To Keep His Mother In Prison

It was Jan. 29, 2009, and Robert Takach and Shannon Smith were fighting in their apartment. Smith later told police that Takach started “pushing” her on the stomach, asking, “How could [she] do this to him?” according to the court document.

She said he grabbed her throat. She said she could not breathe or tell him to stop, so she pulled a knife and swung it, intending to cut his arm, the court document said. She was then sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for voluntary manslaughter and evidence tampering. This was in 2009.

brandon smith

Now Shannon has applied for parole and appeared in court on Wednesday in Warren County, Ohio, to ask for early release. In anticipation, her now 10-year-old son, Bradyn, penned a letter to the judge, asking him to keep his mother behind bars. Here’s what he said:

“Dear Judge Peeler: I feel that my mom should stay in prison because I seen her stab my dad clean through the heart with my sister in his arms,” Bradyn wrote in pencil. “…Life for me would be 10 times better if mom didn’t kill my dad because that took a big amount of happiness out of mine and my sister’s life.”

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