Naked By Darey Art Alade (Album Review)


There was at a point when I believed John Legend, Cobhams Asuquo and Darey Art Alade was moulded by the same angel before they were brought to life with the breathe of the Almighty because of the vocal similarities (This was way before emergence of another great vocalist: Praiz). Later my ears got closer to the speakers and I was able to tell the difference. Darey can easily switch from a subtle singer and to a powerhouse vocalist on any given Sunday. Escalade, Love The Way You Are, Sisi Eko, No Stars, Maybe Baby, Not The Girl to mention a few has been a display of his musical and vocal prowess. So when his Manager handed over this album to me, Whoop! was I excited?. I also loved the fact that he takes his time to make an album. I really wished the double album (Double Dare – Heart and Beat) was taken one at a time though. sobs. I was worried about his pocket then I wanted him to make so much money. heeheehe! meanwhile me I was broke then o. smh.


Let me not take you too far back. Naked this album is **whistles Ólopa o**. Check my thoughts and views below.
1 Asiko Laiye:
Good intro to what should be expected in the album. Darey want you to take it easy while listening to the album and get ready to groove at the same time.
The second story is for us to literally take things easy but stay working while we prepare for our shinning. Life is a process. No be rush rush. Good Afro tune. Shout out to Vteck on the horns. I wanted more tho.
2 Orekelewa:
This groove pays tribute to the old to give the new vibe the relevance it needs. Its a fine blend of bólójó beat. (contact me for the meaning of bólójó). Darey’s character expresses his undying love from his heart to his wife to be.
Peep timeline 3.00 on this track. Very alright!
3 You’re Beautiful:
Darey pays respect to all the African women. Fine use of percussion here too. Obirin lo laye, Es’ike fun won (Women own the world, take care of them)
4 Love You Die:
My personal favourite. I felt like I was in a movie. I painted a picture of lovers walking away from each other, maybe due to external challenges or distance. At some point they both stood and reminisce on the good times they had and could possibly have together if they work it out. I LOVE THIS SONG!. The instrument gave room for Dareys voice. The Backup and adlib was on fire then that jaara (addition) beat at the end. eeesh! I see you Oscar!
5.Lie to You
The combo of Uncles Cobhams and Darey is heaven made. This ballad track is real. The character told the spouse the truth about a situation and since then there has been trust issues in the relationship. Enjoy it. Quick Advise: Telling the truth is awesome and better for a relationship but make sure you know your spouse. Observe if they have the capacity to contain the truth about your past actions.
6. Pray For Me:
I’m speechless. My second Favourite. 100% Shout out to Darey, Shout out to SGC, Big shout out to Oscar. 100% Classic. I just want to be in this video dasall!
7. Aya mi
Yay! We have a wedding groove on this. The solo guitar speaks to my soul. I will humbly suggest a remix with proper igbo verses from Don Jazzy. oshay!
8 Asiko Laiye Remix;
Still on taking life easy. This time Mr. Olamide Baddo delivers with relatable bars on the remix of track 1. He delivered like a troubadour (True Baddo). gerrit? lol!
9 Delilah (Taxi Driver)
Darey did this for all them ladies who only go for what they can get in a man. If the money is there. They are cool. If you’re into old school you know how this was inspired. If not just listen and enjoy.
10 Inside Of You:
Sweet reggae tune featuring the delectable Asa. This is for the grown and sexy. Grown at heart only.
11 Want You Back
The message here is deep. I think this is dedicated to the lazy lovers who flee a relationship at the first sight of a challenge or misunderstanding.
Relationship takes work and even more work. Listen and enjoy.
12 I Go Make Am
Another lovely one from Darey and the Soweto Gospel Choir. I saw the documentary video and His (Darey) son said this is his favorite track. I see his point. Almost mine too because I can super relate to it. lets go surprise the world. Short, sharp, simple and filled with inspiration.
13. Champion
Champion is that good closure every good movie or in this case album needs. After the work comes the result. After the battle, the champion emerges.
I foresee an epic performance and even better theatrics in the next Love Like a Movie concert because of the foundation this album has laid. Looks like a movie already.
Oya, If you don’t have it, go get it. The audio journey is worth it.

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