Hillary Clinton Hints About Her Possible Running Mate

Julian Castro is most likely going to be Hillary Clinton‘s running mate should she secure the Democratic Presidential Nomination. Hillary is trying to win Hispanic voters to her cause as she said she would “look really hard at him for anything, because that’s how good he is.” She said this at a US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Meeting –  Reuters

Hilary and Julian

Julian Castro introducing Hillary Clinton at a Latino Rally yesterday


Julian Castro is an ex-mayor of San Antonio and he appeared alongside Hillary at a “Latinos for Hillary” rally where he openly gave her his endorsement when he told the crowd on October 15, 2015:  “the difference between her and the Republican candidates is that she respects the Latino community.”

He is the second member of the Obama ministration to endorse Hilary coming after Tom Vilsack (Secretary of Agriculture) and his twin, Joaquin (a congressman) endorsements.

Latinos are key to Democrats, especially in emerging swing states like Nevada and Colorado. Clinton doesn’t have to worry too much about winning their support, though: she outperformed Barack Obama among Latino voters in 2008 and a recent poll found that 73 percent of registered Hispanic Democrats intend to vote for her.

Story: MSN

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