Neyo And Diamond Platnumz Working on A New Song

Neyo and Diamond Platnumz are working on a new single. 

For those who don’t know,  Diamond and Ali Kiba are one of the hottest artistes in Tanzania but they don’t see eye to eye. Ali Kiba was featured on this week Coke Studio session with  Neyo.

The two don’t see eye to eye and they have beef for each other.  Diamond stoke the show and booked a session with Neyo and he paid so much money to get Neyo to do a song with him. Diamond did that so Ali Kiba won’t have a song with Neyo.

Diamond won this part.

Neyo and Diamond Platnumz have recorded a new song for the world to listen. We can’t wait for it to come out.

So watch our for it.

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