Anita Erskine Named ‘TV Hostess of the Year’ at the City People Awards

The City People Awards which held in Lagos on Sunday 16th August has crowned Leading TV Presenter Anita Erskine as TV Hostess of the Year at the annual City People Awards. She received recognition for years of bringing hosting television shows which include, “Making of a Mogul”, “The One Show”, “Pamper Your Mum” and “Discovery +233”.

She said in her acceptance speech, “I am beyond thrilled and honored to have been recognized in this way. I do this work because I want to inspire people and touch the lives of my viewers, so to know that my work is appreciated is the greatest reward I could ask for,”

After taking a brief hiatus to step behind the cameras, Anita returned to our screens last year in full force, capturing audience’s hearts as the compelling host of The One Show, a weekly lifestyle show on Viasat 1. This year she stepped it up a notch, adding Discovery +233, a new TV show where she shares entertainment and inspirational stories as well as interviews with the most famous celebrities in Ghana and beyond. Her ability to pull people in emotionally and connect with viewers of all ages and backgrounds has propelled her to the forefront of the broadcasting industry and has led her to become one of the most respected TV presenters on African TV.

In addition to her TV work, Anita recently launched AnitaErskineSpeaks.com, an online platform designed to engage directly with her fans and discuss topics ranging from food and music to women empowerment and entrepreneurship.

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