Discovery 8: How to Turn your Passion Into a Business

This weeks edition features Guest Vlogger Uzo Orimalade (CEO of Uzo’s Food labs) and she offers her personal insights on “How to Turn Your Passion Into a Business”.

We are all passionate about something. But most times passion isnt enough! How do you scale your passion to create opportunities for income? That’s what my guest vlogger Uzo Orimalade, CEO of Uzo’s Food Labs is talking about- How to turn your passion into a business.

Uzo provides personal insight from her own journey as she transitioned from an investment banker into a profitable baker and chef. Her advice is practical and gives realistic steps which anyone can follow.

Are you struggling to turn your passion into a profitable business? Then this video is for you. Please feel free to share and leave a comment. You can always mail  glory@inspiredbyglory.com

Watch below;

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