Oshiomole Claims Minister Embezzled $6 Billion In Jonathan’s Administration

The Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomole, who was part of Presidet Buhari’s delegation on a week long meeting with America as to how to fight corruption and terrorism has made startling allegations today.

After a meeting at the state house today, the Government made serious allegations as to an unnamed minister who served in the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan. He also berated the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) and blamed the party for the bulk of Nigeria’s problems.

He said; “The PDP destroyed the country. I mean from the lips of American officials; senior officials of the State Department said one minister under PDP cornered as much as $6billion.

“The man said even by Washington standard, that is earth-quaking.

“So, PDP is a party that presided over the liquidation of our nation, destroyed all our institutions, converted the Armed Forces commanders to use them as if they were political thugs, converted NTA to a party megaphone, destroyed the SSS, went after opposition as if we were rabbits to be pursued into our holes, compromised even student unions and destroyed everything that you can think of and elevated religion to a state affair.

“Under the party, Israel became a place you visit every week; they placed pastors against mallams, placed North against South, East against West just to retain power; elevate Obas and Obis with dollars.

“You guys were reporting dollars that were changing hands; when NNPC was spending much more money than is available to the Federation Account.

“We are a very patient people. If we were not a patient people, anybody wearing the tag of PDP ought to feel very unsafe because you are all victims – all of us here.”

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