My Farewell Message to President Jonathan By Vincent Nwilo

The circle of life involves a lot. One of such is the becoming and unbecoming of things. You were president and you did according to your will-power.

I called you names. Sometimes I think I assumed too much. I didn’t quite understand how diversify this country is. Now I think I have an idea. If one is requested to serve his country, voluntarily or not, it is better to do with to the best of one’s ability and live at peace with the conscience than public opinion.

pres. goodluck jonathan


Your friends circle may reduce. But it is good. A man with too many friends would have too many distractions. I don’t think you were absolutely awesome a president, but I don’t also think you were clueless. You were man, endowed with wisdom yet with flaws. I choose to see your strength. Thank you for serving Nigeria.

As you lead a more quiet life outside Aso Rock, may your created circle of powerful friends be useful to you. Think about making Oloibiri a tourist attraction. Maybe cite your own presidential library there. That is one thing that can uplift the face of the mother who had long been ignored.
You would be a happy man. You would see the smiles on the faces of your grandchildren. Thank you.

The man you are to hand over to is not incapable. He has been a successful parent. He has been in the public circle. We wish him the best of Nigeria’s. For the things you could not do, I hope he does them. I hope power and transportation isn’t made luxurious.
The Niger Delta may not see much in a while but your mark, though minute, it was a good spur. The university at Outeke is the greatest gift to the generation of Ijaws that would spring up, for in there, we can teach the children of Boro, of Saro-Wiwa, not as villains but heroes. We ought to write our own history.

This country is in progress. If we the younger people don’t give up on it maybe one day we share inherit her wealth. We shall say we were instrumental in shaping it. Thank you.

Bura-Bari Nwilo is the author of Diary of a Stupid Boyfriend. He lives in Nsukka, Nigeria

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