This week we look at what Nigeria’s future holds, while the past makes a comeback in the form of a ghostly general.

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Change Is Here

What do Mugabe, Obama, Fela, and Kongi think about Nigeria’s freshly acquired Change? Foreign Willy Willy finds out.

The Defecto App

Finally, an app that makes things easy for turncoat politicians.

Abacha’s Request

The goggled ghostly general makes a surprising demand of the country he allegedly looted.

And from previous weeks…


Concession Call

After the just completed general elections, former president Goodluck Jonathan, calls General Buhari, to congratulate him on his victory.

Mama Pissed

Patience Jonathan, the former Nigerian first lady, is annoyed that his husband lost the general election to General Buhari.

Presidential Villa

Patience gets mad on seeing a beautiful lady in her husband’s office.


Haribubu’s Victory Speech

Haribubu delivers a speech on his historic victory, but will he stick to the script?

The Detention of PawPaw

Aki comes to rescue of his good friend PawPaw from the police and some Nollywood abracadabra ensues.

My favourite Nollywood Things

Cossy reminds us of some of the things that make Nigeria movies so special to us all.


Pastor Ayo’s Pre-election Prayer

GEJ’s favorite flamboyant pastor offers a prayer for the elections by remixing Chris Brown’s “Loyal”.

Asari Dokubo Press Conference

The loud mouthed mujahid spits a little fire and a lot of hot air in support of GEJ’s second term, but can he stand and make good his threats?

Fela For President

Worried by soaring prices of essential commodities, the Abami Eda decides to make yet another bid for the highest office in the land.

Home and Abroad

Foreign Willy Willy tries to find out what Diasporan and home-based Nigerians think of one another.

Ole da thief

In this remix of D’Banj’s worldwide hit Oliver Twist, Nigerians take shots at thiefy-thiefy pen-robber politicians.


Peter Edochie for President

The perennial Igwe of Nollywood shocks everyone by throwing his red cap into the race for President. With support from his Nollywood friends.

911 by Jonathan and Peshy

Shekau has vexed Peshy’s husband! The President and First Lady threaten to deal with Shekau in this remix of Wyclef Jean and Mary J. Blige’s 911.

The Sooth Sayer visit

Tired of all the election anxiety, the GEJ and Peshy P. consult a soothsayer as a last resort. But what will the future throw their way?

Shekau’s Last Wish

Besieged by the multinational forces, Shekau makes one last kinky request of his trusted lieutenant.

Tough Times Ahead

The leading Presidential candidates get a glimpse into Nigeria’s financial future courtesy Ngozi.


Mr. Nigeria contest

Cossy causes commotion as our leaders past and present strut their stuff for the title of Mr. Nigeria.

Presidential jet set

Jona laments to his aide and measures executive jets as Haribubu leaves him stranded on the tarmac.

Out with the young

Jona meets with Zuma and Mugabe, but can’t seem to decide if young leaders are better than the old.

The Buhari School of Fitness Ad

The austere General has some tips on staying fit physically and otherwise.


GEJ and Haribubu at the AMVCAs

GEJ and Haribubu are up for a prize at the prestigious Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards, but only one Oga will take the trophy home.

Haribubu in London

Foreign Willy Willy investigates Haribubu’s controversial visit to London.

The Military conference

Military Chiefs from the Lake Chad region discuss their latest offensive against the Boko boys.

Jona by Peshy P.

Dame Peshy searches for her dear Jona in this remix of Yemi Alade’s hit song “Johnny”.

Foreign Willy Willy in Lampedusa
Our patriotic TV Host Mr. Foreign Willy Willy, scratches his head over the issue of African migrants seeking a better life in Europe and risking death in the process.

The Usual Suspects
The police is your friend sometimes. Find out what happens when a couple report an armed robbery to the men in black.

Obasanjo’s Remix of KAS’ ‘FIMILE’
Obasanjo has broken his ties with the party he helped nurture for 16 years. In this remix of Kas’ hit Fimile, Obasanjo tells the PDP to leave him alone.


Shekau’s Shopping List

The Boko Haram leader might be an outlaw, but in this video he discovers much to his distaste that Nigeria’s problems are his problems too.

Six weeks

With the elections postponed, the military’s top brass deliberate on performing magic in six weeks.

If I Were A Boy – Buhari & Jonathan

Jonathan and Haribubu dabble in a bit of banter and wishful thinking as they remix Beyonce’s hit song.


Valentine Blues

It’s different strokes for different political folks on Valentines’ day in the Buhari and Goodluck households.

Arm Wrestling

The fate of Nigeria hangs in the balance as the top presidential candidates engage in hand to hand combat for the top job.

Fergie Time

Everything is poised for the February 14th elections…until someone decides an extension might be in his favour.



GEJ and Buhari put on the moves as they remix TechnoMiles’ hit single DANCE.

Fela Meets Wole

Fela visits Soyinka to lament Naija’s unending wahala.


Ngozi talks Austerity to the Jonathans at Davos.

APC Midweek Review Campaign

Jagaban and Lai asking Buhari to let Zahra bring in the swing votes


The Chicken Run of Liebaran

Maku attempts to run for the governor’s seat.

Caro Remix

President Goodluck Jonathan and General Buhari remix the song Caro originally sang by Starboy Feat Wizkid.

Presidential Address

Get excited as Ogas At The Top Season 2 begins!

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