Maki Oh Releases Fall 2015 Collection

Maki Oh has released their Fall 2015 collection and it is inspired by mermaids and appropriation. Amake Osakwe, the creative director, was thinking about ways that Africans have appropriated stuff from abroad in the way Mami Wata, a Nigerian diety, is inspired by an Indian Snake Charmer.

The collection features the regular Maki Oh silhouettes we have come to love and with her inspiration being from the water, she used colors like green and blue and added wavelike effects into the garments. She also used a material known as Lurex, which has an iridescent sheen. No matter the inspiration, regular Maki Oh customers will not be disappointed with what she has done.

View more below!

Maki-Oh-003-1366-200x300 Maki-Oh-005-1366-200x300 Maki-Oh-006-1366-200x300 Maki-Oh-007-1366-200x300 Maki-Oh-009-1366-200x300  Maki-Oh-004-1366-200x300

With Maki Oh, you always have a video to go along with the collection.

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