Sunlight Detergent’s Alarambara Brings Drama To You On Radio!

Money! Power! Friendship! Men! The laughter! The tears! Tips on laundry and cleaning! And the five beautiful, young women who live through it all!

Sounds like the plot for a TV show, right? Well, Unilever’s Sunlight, the 2-in- 1 Detergent that delivers sensational cleaning and all-day fragrance to all your laundry, brings you all this and more on a sensational radio drama series

Alarambara Visual

A Yoruba language production, Alarambara shines the spotlight on five friends, young, fun-loving women who face the modern challenge of balancing the demands of the home front and all aspects of their lives Nollywood star, Mosun Filani is Sisi Oge, the lead character whose advice and great tips help to keep her friends together – flighty Anike, the slightly naïve Iyawo, aspiring flirt, Bisi and Iya Alaje whose avowed love of money will soon get her into hot water with her husband.

Because it is true-to-life, Alarambara from the get-go, shows how an action as seemingly minor as choosing a detergent for one’s laundry needs can have wide-reaching consequences as Anike and Iyawo discover in the maiden episode, Laws of Attraction.

Meanwhile, Iya Alaje whose prior announcement of money being her new paramour and her pursuit of it rocks the boat of her marriage in episode two, Birds of a Feather. And it is a crisis that reaches its crescendo with the Baba of the house announcing his own plans to bring in a second Iyawo. But guess who comes to the rescue?

In Aso Ebi Palava, the trouble for our ladies now wears a different colour and has moved from the home scene to a wedding setting as the title suggests. Already airing on select radio stations across the West of Nigeria and with thirteen five-minute episodes in all, Alarambara is set to become the ratings sensation of the current season of Yoruba radio.

So, keep your ears open and let Sunlight in. Catch up with Alarambara radio drama series on the following stations:

Voice of Ekiti, 91.5 FM – Friday, 9am – 9:15am

Adaba, 88.9 FM Ondo – Thursday, 9am – 9:15am

OGBC 2 90.5FM Abeokuta – Wednesday, 8:15am – 8:30am

Splash 105.5FM, Ibadan – Monday, 12:30pm – 12:45pm

Royal 95.1 FM, Ilorin – Wednesday, 9am – 9:15am

Visit www.facebook/SunlightNigeria for more information and to catch up on past episodes

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