Redeemers University suspends over 22 students

According to our source, As the title reads Redeemers University suspends over 22 students because they didn’t go to church, even a student that didn’t go because she has asthma attack was suspended, they are to be suspended till next semester effective from tomorrow there by causing them to miss their first semester exam.

Read her mail below;

I highly doubt that Pastor E.A Adeboye knows about this victimization, the rule book states that failure to go to church attracts points been deducted (if student doesn’t give a valid reason) not students been suspended, how can a parent waste almost 400k because the child did not go to church for a day, even the girl with the asthma attack had an attack right there and they still suspended her.

This so called potters and administrators take laws into their hands and victimized students out of envy (sometimes) and just because they know they can. A few months ago i heard a students phone was seized by a potter because she had long natural nails.. Imagine that.. In a University.


Admist pleading and shedding of tears the students had to pull out their handbook to see the penalty for their supposed “OFFENSE”, they showed it to the potters and admin staff responsible for the suspension and their response was “YES we know the rules but we want to make you all scape goats”.

Find attached a screenshot of the handbook with the highlighted area of concern as proof that these people just do what they like and think they can always get away with it, after parents have labored and paid so much just to have students suspended over stupid reasons.

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