Music Review: DJ Caise Feat. Uzikwendu/ “Psycho Music”




How do we define this? Maybe the title of it suffices the most. Maybe. DJ Caise invites Uzikwendu on this and the latter tears shit to shreds. Menacing behavior. Uzi is good, dead good, between him and Lambo Da Virus I don’t know which other Nigerian rappers have been more slept upon. Okay, maybe Godwon. That one is another tiger in the booths.


“Psycho Music” is SMOKING. There are no real banging beats on it; rather it is a brilliant collection of buzzing sounds and some ‘90s-reminiscent drum patterns which serve their purpose conclusively in our opinion. Look how Uzi goes in, on his Andre 3000 swag framed on some Twista type flows: “Uzikwendu got a killer flow/ Take it to another episode/ When I take it know I’ll explode cuz I-am-a-dangerous-animal/ Don’t you-wondering-and-bothering-how-I-am-going-in like it’s a mineral/ Military like a General so you can suck up on my genital…”


Banging flows with some time and balance coordination!


Anyways, I think we are done here, or are there more to say? If there are, let us know. From here though; we think that – the beast that he is – Uzi has exterminated on another piece of record. End.


Listen and rate.








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