Ferguson Fiasco; Officer Darren Wilson Resigns

U.S Police officer, Darren Wilson who has been at the centre of a storm following his shooting of an unarmed teenage boy, Michael Brown as well as the decision of the Grand Jury not to charge him for criminal conduct has handed in his resignation.

The shooting of Michael Brown threw the city of Ferguson into chaos and sparked mass protests throughout the United states and in the early stages a few celebrities joined in the protests in Ferguson to lend their voices to the protests.

The shooting which trigerred debates in the United states about race even had President Obama commenting from the White House that “we have to admit there’s a problem”.

The 28 year old shooter, Darren Wilson, has decided to quit the police force following threats of violence to his person. To most observers, it was only a matter of time before Wilson resigned as the situation was always tense and volatile to begin with.

It’s time to fold our arms and see where the situation goes from here.


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