Video Of Bill Cosby Being Asked Rape Questions

Just so you know, anything can happen in the next minute, whether good or bad that’s what I can’t tell. Earlier this month, Bill and his wife Camille where laughing and smiling in an interview to promote an art exhibit liltle did they know that smile will be turned upside down by a rape allegation report


There’s no comment about that. And I’ll tell you why, I think you were told. I don’t want to compromise your integrity but we don’t…I don’t talk about it.
At the end of the interview, Bill asked that the footage would not be shown but the reporter made no promises. Since Cosby has not spoken on the allegations against him yet, and two other women (including Janice Dickinson) have admitted that they two were raped by Bill Cosby earlier in their careers, the AP made the decision to release the footage. In their defense, they stated:

As the allegations gained increasing attention, the AP went back through the full video and made the decision to publish Cosby’s full reaction to questions about the claim. The interview was on record. The AP made no agreement to avoid questions about the allegations or to withhold publishing any of his comments at any time.
To say this hasn’t been Bill Cosby’s week is an understatement. Yesterday, after Janice Dickinson became the 15th woman to accuse Bill Cosby of rape, NBC cancelled an upcoming sitcom that would have been Bill Cosby’s big return to television, Netflix pulled all of Cosby’s shows, and TV Land has pulled all of The Cosby Show reruns which will affect the residual checks for not only Bill Cosby, but all of the actors and actresses that took part in the show.

Cosby’s wife Camille has stuck by his side and remained silent. The couple have been married since 1964 and have five kids.

Watch the interview below:

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