PeeeM Anonymous Social Messenger, taking Public Group chat to another level

Remember when we were all waiting for BBM on IOS and ‘Peeem’ took over with a lot of people believing it to be the new BBM for IOS and Andriod.

Peeem is back and better, only Anonymous Social Messenger. You have control of revealing who you are or chatting anonymously. Based around your very own PMID

Unlike other messengers you can create or join groups that can be public or private based on centers of interest. If you want others in your group share by email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook or Google.

Also added is the ability to share any file, of any size to another PeeeM user or group on Android and iOS.

To make this even better it’s FREE and there are no ads, unlike most other messaging apps.

PeeeM Social Messenger features :
Notification center to help you keep in touch with everyone
Group Chat, public or private, public groups all have a unique ID, and enable you to publicly chat with others about your soccer team, the music you like, your favorite brands, etc…
Broadcast to send the same private message to all your contacts
Anonymous VoiP, you can now call someone without being identified
Voice Note If you are fed up to typing, just talk
Unlimited file transfer of any type and size

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