Music Review: DJ Xclusive feat. Banky W & Niyola/ “Tonight”



Hello Master Kraft, are you there? Can you hear us? Why aren’t you answering? Anyways, we just want to let you know that this Xclusive-Banky-Niyola studio effort of yours is stellar, praise-worthy and the real McCoy. Well done.


Solid party joint through and through, DJ Xclusive is on some DJ Khalid sh*t. Home Boy is just here steady bringing the best hands together under his belt, yet he does nothing per se but takes the credit for everything. We love. They call him ‘the DJ of the gods’ and – though a little vainglorious – the man definitely knows his craft. Banky with all his Ciroc, thinly-veiled proclamations lately steps into this and sticks to the script. Niyola is sweet and refreshing in her part too, and together they help hoist the Xclusive collaboration to a proper trajectory. Superb stuff, repeat-worthy. Buzzing.


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?





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