#AmbodeDeclares: 10 Take Ways From Ambode’s Declaration Speech Today

1.”I make this decalaration with the highest sense of responsibility. I am putting myself forward because I believe I have the qualities required to continue the giant strides, which our great party, APC has achieved in Lagos in recent years”.

2.”Lagos is my state and you are my people. I shall work to serve you. I shall never do less. Here and now, I dedicate myself to this task. I shall not flinch nor lose focus”.

3.”I stand before you today in the spirit of the continuity of excellence that Lagos is known for. My vision and mission is to create a clean, secure and prosperous Lagos State that is driven by a vibrant economy and supported by quality service, equity and justice”.

4.”We will work to create opportunities for all and offer selfless service. As we proceed we will leave no one behind. What our great party stands for is change, positive change. We will create wealth. We will create new jobs. We will challenge ourselves to make Lagos a better place. We will take Lagos to the next level”.

5.”I call on all Muslims, Christians, and people of other religious persuasions to come out en masse and ensure we vote in a candidate that has the interest of Lagos and Lagosians at heart. A candidate that is passionate about Lagos. A candidate that truly understands the needs of the ordinary people. I am that candidate”.

6.”Lagos is the most cosmopolitan state in Nigeria and there is no room for discrimination. Whether you are Igbo, Efik, Ijaw, Hausa, Fulani, a foreigner, whoever you are, so far you live or work in Lagos, our government will work for you and you will be adequately represented”.

7.”We want a Lagos that will protect Abdullahi; that will address the issues of Chukwuma and uphold the well-being of Yewande. We want a Lagos that will not deny any Nigerian citizen the right of political participation and access to services. This is the new Nigeria that we want to build and Lagos is the focal point from where we would build the Nigeria of our dreams”.

8. “APC will take over power at the center by the special grace of God. We are tired of transformation without motion. In their kind of transformation, the more they brag about, the less we see things transformed. And God will help us”

9.”Come February 2015, Lagosians will once again elect a governor that will not only continue the great works of these forebearers, but will also lead the people of Lagos to greater economic heights, prosperity, accountable democracy, and more importantly, the protection of lives and properties”.

10.”I stand before you today as a bridge between the elderly and the youth. I hold before you a beacon that summons us all to building together a more prosperous Lagos. I have the competence, experience and determination to lead Lagos State to greater economic heights and prosperity”.

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