NBA : Instant Replay Rules Changed For 2014-15 Season.

The NBA Board of Governors on Thursday approved adjustments to the league’s use of instant replay in officiating.

In the season set to start on October 28th 2014, officials will use replay only in the last two minutes of overtime, rather than during an entire overtime period.


Officials will be able to review plays to decide if a clear-path foul should be called, even if they didn’t call such a foul.


Referees will be able to use replay to determine if a foul should be upgraded to a more serious glaring foul, a change from last season when they could only use replay if an obvious foul was called on the floor.


Several other rule changes were also announced.



Among them, if a team has too many players on the court while the ball is in play, the offending team would be assessed a non-unsportsmanlike technical foul and lose possession. If the non-offending team had possession of the ball at the time, it could accept or terminate the game action during the violation.



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