“My Brother’s Departure From Chocolate City Affected Me” – M.I Abaga

M.I Abaga, Nigerian foremost rappe who shortly before he dropped a new single titled King James took to twitter to say he was leaving the music industry.

Recently on Sunrise Daily on Channels TV, he hinted
on why he played that kind of stunt on his fans.
He said he hasn’t released an album for a long time and his brother’s departure from Chocolate City label had on his career was also affected. In his words “Chairman is a song I released last year and the next day after I released the song, a couple of changes started happening in the label.
First was my brother (Jesse Jagz) wanting to leave which I didn’t know about , we discussed it and I understood where he was going with that. But, it just sort of changed the dynamic of the label and what happens with music is that, when you are producing music and relying on people, when that changes you might need some time to reassess and come back.
So I was supposed to put out my album last year, but it was a good opportunity for me to re-access and be like this is what I want to do going forward” he said.
He went further to say “last year after putting out the chairman song ,all sorts of opportunities came up and I was so busy last year .I was travelling, all over the place and didn’t have time to record
But this year, we made a conscious
decision with my management that M.I is not going to do anything until this album is done”
However, he said the reason why he said he was quitting music was just to get people’s attention.

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