Gulder Ultimate Search Reveals Final Contestants For The Jungle

In an unprecedented move by producers of Gulder Ultimate Search, four more contestants were given the surprise of a lifetime when they were called on to join the already selected 10 going into the jungle.

At a spectacular event held at Eko Hotel on the 6th of September, Gulder, the brand behind the first and longest running all Nigerian reality show stunned invited guests with the revelation that for the first time ever, there would be 14 contestants and not 10.


An elated Samantha Appi, who was the 13th contestant to be named, recounts her shock through tears of joy when the Managing Director, Nigerian Breweries, Nicholaas Vervelde, delivered the final message from the council of elders revealed in the cube, ‘Let all fourteen go to the jungle’.












“I was so sad, i thought it was over. I almost didn’t hear my name because my heart was pounding. I know every year it has always been 10 people so when I didn’t hear my name, I thought it was over.’


The exclusive event, which attracted entertainment heavyweights like Darey Art-Alade, Gordons and Burna Boy was also the grounds for the unveil of a new bottle- the first in over four decades, as well as the revolutionary Gulder Club Ultimate.


All 14 contestants would become instant millionaires at the end of the search, as no contestant will leave the jungle empty handed. The last person standing will walkaway with the grand prize of 10 million and a brand new car.

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